FS: 1998 Gibson GHB plus bag,case, etc for $1000

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FS: 1998 Gibson GHB plus bag,case, etc for $1000

Post  aprili on Fri 30 Jan 2009, 3:27 pm

For sale:

A set of 1998 Gibson bagpipes with natural wood finish and
fake ivory ferrules. Bag is a
synthetic/leather hybrid bag that gives the stable feel of a leather bag but
the easy maintenance of a synthetic bag (no seasoning is necessary) and has a side
zip giving easy access to the inside of the bag. EZ drone reads included along with three
drone corks, three ash plugs which can be installed at the base of the drone
stocks to make start ups and finishes clean, extra flapper valves for the
telescoping blow stick (which can be adjusted to the players height), and
chanter tape. Also included is silver
drone cords and maroon bag cover with silver trim. Lastly a black soft bag is included to make
transportation easy for carrying your new pipes. This is a great set for beginners and includes everything you need with the exception of a chanter reed. All this is available for the price of $1000.

See http://www.ccpandd.com/bagpipes-for-sale
for pictures
Contact me at aisch@uvm.edu


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