KRON Heritage for sale, engraved silver: $2500 USD

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KRON Heritage for sale, engraved silver: $2500 USD

Post  Alain Marion on Wed 04 Mar 2009, 5:20 pm

I am selling a set of Kron Heritage pipes with hand engraved silver ferrules and slides and imitation ivory projecting mounts and ring caps. The engraving pattern is the Viking zoomorphic design exclusive to David Davidse/Truehand engraving: there are only 2 sets of pipes like this in the world!

The instrument is in mint condition, with the exception of a tiny chip on one of the tenors' projecting mounts. The pipes are less than a year old, and were played on a weekly basis. They have a great tone and were well cared for.

Pictures and MP3 sound file available. Selling as I have several sets of pipes and not enough time to play them all on a regular basis.

Priced to sell at $2,500 USD + shipping for the sticks and stocks. For an extra $150 USD, a slightly used medium Bannatyne bag with zipper, cords, and a poly Warnock chanter can be included.

PM or contact me at

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