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Post  douglasticknor on Tue 13 Sep 2011, 9:23 pm

Based on a novel, this was about two friends (one rich, one poor), growing up together in Afghanistan just as the Taliban rose to power. The rich family moved to America, and years later, the boy - now grown - is sent a letter from his friend in Afghanistan, asking his help to save his (the poor man's) son from the Taliban.

Spoiler alert....



...we learn the original two boys are really brothers. The rich dad had an affair with the mother of the poor boy (the mother was a servant girl), and the poor boy is now grown up but dying. So the rich boy, now grown, goes to save his nephew.
I recommend as a rental, but be prepared for a disturbing scence of child rape by the Taliban. It is hard to watch, especially since his friend not only did not help him, but shunned him after. Major difference in cultures regarding sex-abuse.


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