For sale: Cornemuse du Berry in G/C - rosewood set two drones G/A and g/a

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For sale: Cornemuse du Berry in G/C - rosewood set two drones G/A and g/a

Post  Adamoll on Sun 12 May 2013, 6:54 am


I have set of rosewood Cornemuse du Berry in G/C with two drones (G/A and g/a) for sale.

The chanter have very stable plastic reed, the bag is thight, hermetic, drones have stable reeds with metal tounges, stocks are also well made as you can see in the pictures. Those pipes are profesional, the best and most famous maker of the woodwind instruments in Poland - Grzegorz Tomaszewicz ( who checked and played this set, said that is one of the best set of pipes he ever played.

The profile of the pipes:
- little air requirement
- almost chromatic range of octave and fifth from F to C, all semitones are in tune
- very good volume balance beetwen first octave and overblowed notes - notes above the second F are rather quieter and softer sounding compering to lowest ones which allowes you to play trough whole range in every arrangment
- capability to play in G major/minor and A major/minor with drones and also F major, C major, D major/min without drones when you play without drones with accompaniment

I bought those pipes from Sebastian Wieladek who used it on the "Chopin on five continents" CD by Maria Pomianowska & Friends. Sound sample here -

Price - 830 Euro + shipping cost

Adam Jakubowski

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