For sale - practically brand new GHB's - beautiful African Blackwood button mount with nickel ferrules and Imitation Ivory ringcaps, combed and beaded. They're from Bagpipes Galore in Edinburgh, where I bought them from the store owner. They're handcrafted pipes, not done on a machine lathe. Bagpipes Galore makes a number of different products - you've probably heard of their "practice pipes" which are a very popular product. They employ a craftsman in their store named Joe Haggan who makes each set by hand. You can see their website at

My wife and I were on vacation in Scotland in September and we were walking past the store and heard the pipes playing and stopped in. I hadn't played in years at that point and decided to get back into it and join up a band again. These were the best pipes in the store at the time. They have an awesome sound and the drones are super easy to strike in (you can actually just blow them on). The chanter is nicely in tune, reeds up easily and has a very pleasing sound.

They're set up with the maker's own synthetic "steady drone" reeds, zippered Bannatyne bag (medium size), water trap, corduroy bag cover (black with silver trim), wool cord (black), delrin chanter with a few extra reeds and a hard case.

Again, they're brand new - I've played them maybe a few hours since I bought them to keep them going, but I've started studying with P/M Adrian Melvin of the Midlothian Pipe Band in Chicago, I've come across an opportunity for a set of Atherton pipes that I don't want to pass up and having two sets is just too much for me right now.

But Adrian has checked these pipes out and gave his thumbs up of approval and that should count for quite a bit.

I bought these pipes for well over $1300 with the case, water trap, etc. - letting them go for $900 or best offer - they're perfect as a second set of pipes for someone who's concerned about mounts in bad weather, a first set of pipes for a new or intermediate piper.

I've got a bunch of pics showing the craftsmanship:
and can provide sound files if need be.

I think that's it... if there's anything else please shoot me a PM.